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We place innovation at the heart of our business, considering it as an essential factor in any digital project to establish its value. However, an innovative project is not interesting if it does not face the reality of its market.

This is why we have created the concept of Realistic Innovation, a philosophy through which we give space to innovation while we confront the inconveniences that each real project must face, this allows us to create effective, viable and innovative projects.

Lean Startup

We develop digital strategies via Lean Startup methodology. This enables us to reduce risks and optimize our costumer’s costs. We approach their digital projects by, first of all, co-creating the value of their proposal.

This first phase allows us to define the digital product that will be designed by focusing on the costumer in order to create a coherent and innovative user experience.

User experience

Brand experience

Branding experience is seen as the ensemble of sensations, feelings and behavioural reactions created by stimuli connected to, not only the design and identity of the brand, but also to the interactions that the client has with it such as their packaging, their communication and their enviornment.

The design of a good experience has to consider the touchpoints (means of interaction) that a consumer will have with a brand, while taking into account that it is part of a global strategy in the positioning of said brand, and that it should focus on the real needs of their client.

Design & UX

Our goal is to help you establish a unique relation with your costumers that will create emotional reactions when using your digital products.

The creation of interfaces and interactions of your product is, therefore, part of that logic that faithfully communicates the personality of your brand, whether through MAP (minimum Awesome Product), or through a more advanced staple digital product.

Agile development

Advanced programming

We develop our clients’ products using the Agile Methodology, facilitating short and effective cycles of launches. This course of action allows us to obtain efficiency in the “Go to market” phases with the aim of reducing risks and facilitating the implementation of the required project changes as early on as possible.

We specialize in web developpement, creating the necessary products for our clients’ digital projects:

  • Landing Pages: WordPress
  • Ecommerce: Woocommerce/Shopify
  • Native Apps: React Native
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Online ERP

MAP: Minimum Awesome Product

Following the Lean Startup methodology, the idea of creating and MVP (Minimum Viable Product) during project launch, is obsolete. Nowadays, costumers are used to a minimum quality and that is why they are getting more demanding with each new digital product.

This is why we rather talk about MAP (Minimum Awesome Product). Creating a digital product focusing on the minimum funcionalities necessary for its launch, respecting the high quality standars: focus on the essentials in a strict way.

Customer validations

Go to market

We launch our client’s digital products by adopting the “Agile Methodology approach in order to reduce costs and delays and thus enter the market in a quick and efficient way.

Thanks to this agile philosophy, we achive the efectivity of “Go to market” which allows us to reduce the risk of errors: the earlier we detect strategic mistakes and the faster the required project changes can be implemented, the better it will addapt to the target market.

Data analysis

At the launch of our clients’ projects and during the “Go to market” phase, we establish the digital strategy and create the MAP (Minimum Awesome Product). A faster launch of the project allows to begin to collect data and measure the response of the market and the behaviour of the client / perspectives.

For existing projects, after defining the new digital strategy, we launch the marketing activities directly, in accordance to the defined strategy. These activities allow us to collect data and analyze the existing audience to validate, refine or modify it.

Digital partner

We offer our clients a close daily and long-term colaboration, positioning ourselves as an external digital department.

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